Safe Production Starts With Wastewater Treatment

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Leading your company towards the smart use of water in your food processing plant with our wastewater treatment solutions

Our mission at Dystia is to meet the highest environmental and safety standards for fish processing industries. These include small and large-scale fish farms, both that are conscious of their environmental footprint and are in search of reliable and sustainable solutions for their wastewater treatment needs. By implementing water-saving technologies, efficient processes, and responsible water management practices, we minimize waste and maximize the utilization of available water resources.

Meeting international standard

How Is Our Process?

There are several stages to ensure that the water is adequately cleaned and can be safely returned to the environment, reused in the system, or used for other purposes. We help you to check all the steps fast and easy in one solution. Dystia has lower operational costs than other treatment methods, particularly when dealing with high-strength or variable waste streams. We help you follow and meet the international standard guidelines for wastewater in fish processing industries

Wastewater solutions

Our Wastewater system

Our main goal is to provide complete wastewater equipment solutions to seafood processing factories, including salmon farming companies, whitefish processing, shrimp processing, and pelagic fish processing companies, to clean all waste before sending them to the sea.


What do our systems do?


Water Collection and Filtration

Dystia offers you tailored solutions for ultrafiltration to safeguard the wastewater, ensuring a secure and optimal operation for your fish farm. Our solutions are custom-designed to meet your specific requirements, removing suspended solids and large and small contaminants such as fish scales, algae, oil and grease.


After correcting the pH, the water needs to be disinfected. Disinfection helps wastewater treatment facilities meet local, national, or international standards for wastewater discharge or reuse. Facilities that don’t properly disinfect their wastewater can face penalties or legal action.

Sludge Thickening

Thanks to our method, the sludge can be quite thick ( 2 – 5 percent solids). This eliminates the need for thickening and it makes the process easier to handle and reduces the costs significantly.

Clarified Water Discharge

It’s essential to regularly monitor and test the quality of the discharged water to ensure that it meets all necessary standards and does not negatively impact the environment or public health.

Welcome to Dystia

Helping your Company to comply With Regulatory Guidelines

More and more, fish farms face unique challenges in their processing operations, from optimizing water usage to navigating complex guidelines and administrative requirements. Globally, waterwaste treatment became essential for industries. At Dystia, we understand your challenges and offer you comprehensive water waste treatment solutions coupled with expert support to simplify your operations and ensure compliance.